Now you have the visitors, you need to convert as many of them as possible to leads before they leave your website.

Once visitors are on your website, encourage prospects to fill out a contact form in exchange for content they can download.

E-books , whitepapers and helpful guides help your customers as they look for ideas and solutions which you provide.

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Prospects will share their contact details if you help them solve a problem

1. Create a valuable exchange of information

The idea here is that you have something sufficiently valuable to your prospect that they are willing to share their contact details with you in order to obtain it.

In practice:

E-books, whitepapers and helpful guides help your customers as they look for ideas and solutions.

But don’t be pushy and try to sell your service or product without a clear signal of interest. A prospect who is at the right stage in their buying journey will come to you and give you clear indication of their readiness to engage with you.

2. So, now you have leads!

But not all leads are created equal!

Some will be a good fit for your company, product or service and some will not, or just won’t be ready yet. You can use the right questions on your contact form to establish fit based on each prospect’s budget, authority, need and timeline.

In practice:

Marketing automation technology enables you to track each prospect’s journey  through your website and customise your response according to their behaviour.

As they express increasing levels of interest, perhaps accessing multiple pieces of content, you can increase the specificity of the questions you ask, giving your Sales person a wealth of information to prepare them to make that first call.

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