Now you have lots of leads in your funnel, you can nurture them and easily identify those that are ready to buy.

Qualifying your leads helps you make sure they are a fit for your company, and lets you focus on nurturing those that are ideal customers.

Having a process and automation that helps your Sales team identify and close the qualified leads ensures they don’t go elsewhere.

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Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads

1. Nurture leads that show promise

Nurturing involves sending qualified leads content related to their original download that will help them along their journey toward making a purchasing decision.

In practice:

Everything you do in an inbound strategy can be measured, and this is made easier with marketing automation software. For example:

⌲ Visits to your site, and which pages are being read;

⌲ Which emails are being read, and which recipients click on links to more content;

⌲ Who is clicking on calls-to-action and hitting your landing pages;

⌲ Who is downloading your content and reading your blogs; and

⌲ Who is clicking on links in your social media posts…and much more!

2. Implement a process that helps your Sales team close leads

Having a process and automation that helps your Sales team identify, nurture and close the qualified leads ensures they don’t go elsewhere.

In practice:

Once you have determined which leads should be passed along from Marketing to Sales, having a clear process in place guides the Sales team along the best closing strategy.

Should they call the lead? When?

Are emails more effective? How many times should they follow up?

What incentives can/should they offer? And to whom?

Marketing automation software enables you to plan and implement such a strategy, and measure the results easily. Then you can tweak and optimise, increasing close rates all the while.

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