Inbound marketing is growing rapidly among professional services firms who want to reach a new generation of self-directed, digital-savvy buyers.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Below read some examples from the professional services industry, where inbound marketing has proven to be a game-changer for the way these companies market their business.

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These companies bought into the philosophy that attracting customers to them rather than a competitor would be achieved by providing valuable information that relates to the different questions they have along their buying journey

Pearse Trust

Pearse Trust provides corporate compliance and tax planning services to an international client base of accounting firms, banks, legal firms, and public and private sector organisations.

Prior to using implementing inbound marketing, Pearse Trust had been working with an external web designer, thwarting their ability to quickly make changes, add calls-to-action (CTAs), or generate any leads online.

They had experimented with sending weekly emails to their full list of contacts, but weren’t able to segment or target their messages. As a result, they saw very few tangible results through email.

After implementing a cohesive inbound strategy they started blogging, and automatically show different CTAs to their website visitors based on their interests without needing a designer, thanks to using automation software.

Inbound marketing has allowed Pearse Trust to accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time.

Analytics tools have also helped to track the activity on each marketing campaign.

They are now getting hundreds of leads, whereas before they had a negligible amount coming through online.


Finance Modelling company F1F9 does an exceptional job of creating great resources for its target audience. They make the subject matter interesting and engaging, which they succeed at because they understand their personas well.

As well as ebooks and webinars, F1F9 have developed a 31 day course on Financial Modelling which is hugely popular.

The 31 day course was built to serve the needs of their personas whose key challenges revolve around developing financial modelling.

A key priority of many of F1F9’s personas is keeping up-to-date with key financial modelling standards, as well as continuously developing their skills in this area.

The course is completely automated using workflows, which means that once somebody signs up to the course, they will receive the tutorials via email every day without any manual intervention.

In two years, the course received over 10,000 sign-ups and continues to be a great source of leads (up to 750 per month)

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