From tax planning in February to budgeting in December, consumers and businesses have a need for advisory services year-round.

The professional services industry as a whole often questions whether its products and services are interesting enough to warrant blog posts, videos, eBooks, tweets or eye-catching photos.

Then there are concerns about maintaining compliance with guidelines on anything that might be considered a promotion.

Complex products and services regularly overwhelm the average customer. They have many unanswered questions and need information from the right person to advise them.

With data privacy and consent becoming more important than ever under GDPR, inbound marketing provides an ideal solution.

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The key is to publish content that the right people are looking for, at the right time

By understanding when and how they search, you can meet your prospects at all the moments that matter

1. Create step-by-step content

Whether you are creating ebooks, hosting webinars, or designing infographics, present “how tos” in step-by-step detail.

Your audience will love you for it. When it comes to complex scenarios, it is wise to use real-life examples.

2. Invest in building tools to make your audience’s life easier

Whether it’s a tool that calculates tax payable, a budgeting tool, or a tool that delivers an investment plan based on data the users input, building tools your audience loves will help to supercharge your lead flow.

3. Make your content easy to share

Include sharing buttons in your ebooks and other content.

Making content easy to share means that if your audience likes what its reading, your readers will be likely to share it socially.

4. Include a key/jargon buster

It makes your content instantly more accessible and digestible.

5. Report on unique data

Interviews are a great way to save time getting great content on your blog, but for data driven posts or longer form content, it’s important to be relevant and accurate.

Cite data from trusted sources only, or run your own data collection.

6. Experiment with co-marketing

A great way to expand your reach is by doing some co-marketing with a relevant partner.

One example would be for a mortgage broker to write an ebook with a surveyor or estate agency for tips on buying your first house.

The ebook will not just carry more credibility, but you can also agree for it to be promoted to both your databases, which helps to broaden reach substantially.

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