We are often asked if inbound marketing can work alongside traditional marketing campaigns to accelerate growth. Of course it can!

The added benefit of inbound marketing is that it is highly measurable.

Every aspect of your inbound campaign can be measured, so it is very easy to determine return on your investment.

If you wish, this can then be compared to your other marketing activities in order to determine your optimal strategy.

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Today, 93% of decision makers use online search engines to make purchasing decisions

Traditional advertising strategies are becoming less and less effective

Inbound marketing is growing fast in the B2B sector

⌲ Inbound marketing helps B2B firms tap into a digital-savvy generation of buyers

⌲ In 2017, companies planned to allocate 37% more budget to inbound strategies compared to the previous year

⌲ Furthermore in 2017, inbound practices are responsible for 59% of the highest quality leads generated for Sales teams in companies where inbound marketing is an established part of their toolkit

In this source report, 43% of respondents had a

marketing budget of <£20k pa

proving that a well-executed inbound marketing strategy can yield excellent results on a limited budget

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